Packaging for Art

Art Transportation

Protecting your artwork until it is safely transported to your customer is a crucial step in the success of the artist and in guaranteeing satisfaction for your customer.
The value of your art will generally dictate the type and cost of packaging. In many cases, cardboard boxes with well packed contents will be sufficient.
When transporting expensive artworks, professional services should be employed and the value of these should be identified in your product pricing. This can be set under your vendor login.

Tips for Packing Artwork …

What supplies do you need?

Suitable for most art works that may not require the expense of timber crates and professional packing and transportation services.
Bubble Wrap
Packing Tape
Artist Tape (acid free)
X-acto / Craft knife / Scissors
Cardboard Corners
Tape Measure
Art handling cloth gloves
Brown Paper
Cardboard box and inserts

Here is a great tutorial on how to safely pack paintings and general artwork from Agora Gallery.

For fine art …

Fine Art Logistics

Many fine art items will require special handling and particular care in transit best handled by specialists in this type of logistics.
Look for Art Transportation specialists in your area.
Here is a terrific article by Widewalls about fine art transportaion and handling.
Art Transportation – Get Your Artworks Around Safely!

Fine Art Shipping, image via

All freight and packaging costs can be setup in the vendor dashboard.

Vendors can specify what cost and freight options apply to individual products.