Shopping Questions

Do you ship Worldwide?

Artgrotto delivers to a wolrdwide audience through DHL Express. Individual vendors/artists may provide alternate shipping options.

Do you offer gift vouchers?

Currently, ArtGrotto is not offering gift vouchers. Individual vendors/artists may offer coupons for specific products.

Are there benefits for registered users?

Registered customers/users can keep track of their order history and quickly complete form fields in the checkout.

How can I request a refund?

It is the vendor/artists responsibility to ensure that products are as advertised. All care is taken to qualify prospective vendors/artists however ArtGrotto does not act as agent for vendors who may promote their products on our web site.  Please refer to our conditions of sale, Article 16 Dispute Resolution where we reserve the right, but are not obligated, to investigate complaints or claims of buyers, prospective buyers, bidders or sellers, and you agree to cooperate with us in any such investigations that we may choose to conduct, as permitted by applicable law.

How can I use a coupon code?

ArtGrotto and/or its vendors may from time to time provide coupon opportunities. These will be available where offered, on specific product pages and are redeemable through application of the coupon code at the checkout.

Vendor Questions

What currency should I use?

All ArtGrotto products are listed in AUD Australian Dollars. There is a currency converter in the site to allow customers to view prices in their local currency and these will be converted back to AUD at the checkout.

How do I set up my store?

After your registration to become a vendor has been approved, you will be able to log into your dashboard to complete your store setup. You must provide a physical address for your store so that DHL Express can work correctly.

Will my address and contact details be visible?

Your store address and contact details will not be visible to ArtGrotto customers. All correspondence will go via ArtGrotto to enure your online safety.

How do I set up my products?

Each product must have length, width, height and weight (including an allowance for packaging) so that DHL Express can calculate the correct freight. Dimensions are in centimeters and weight should be measured in kilograms.

Product images and general media can be uploaded as required. Your media gallery will display only media associated with your store.

NOTE: the media gallery will display a “Next” button which refers to pages in the media gallery and is not the next item in the product setup procedure. If only a single page of media items is available, the “Next” button will be disabled.

How do I get paid?

Once an order has been placed and paid for by the customer, ArtGrotto comissions and freight will be deducted from the purchase price (which will include the calculated freight value). The DHL Express shipping labels will then be emailed to the vendor and disbursemnents will be made after proof of delivery has been confirmed.

How do commissions work?

ArtGrotto charges a flat 12% commission which includes the stripe credit card cost.  You can withdraw disbursements on demand or through a payment schedule. As a registered vendor you can select your preferred payment method and see you full transaction history.

How do coupons work?

As a registered vencor you will be able to create coupons to promote your products as either a percentage or fixed value.

How do I manage my inventory?

Inventory can be fully managed through your personal store dashboard. You can manage stock levels, product descriptions, freight options and more.

How do I add product tags?

A list of general product tags is available for each product. If you require specific tags to be added to the list, please make a request via email and we will be happy to add what you need.

How do I print my DHL Express freight labels?

Currently, DHL Express labels will be generated by Admin when the order is placed. These will be emailed to you, the vendor.